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Sharon Pledges To Keep Yesha and Golan

By Arutz Sheva

Perhaps in an effort to assuage
the fears of those who anticipate a
renewal of negotations with the
PLO, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
says he will not uproot any Jewish
communities in the context of a future diplomatic deal with the Arabs.

In an exclusive interview with
Ha’aretz newspaper, Sharon said: ” I
do not see any reason to evacuate
any settlements. As long as there is
no peace, we will remain there.” He
added that he has no right as Prime
Minister to make any compromises
in Jerusalem either.

Regarding Syria, Sharon asserted, “We cannot come down
from the Golan Heights,” explaining
that the withdrawal from the Golan or
the Jordan Valley would create an
existential threat for the State of

In Sharon’s words, the Yesha
communities “guard both the birthplace
of the Jewish people and also grant us essential
strategic depth to protect out existence.”

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