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Arab MK’s Meet With PFLP Leader

Arutz Sheva November 22, 2001

( Members of Knesset Ahmed Tibi and Mohammed Barakeh admitted that they met with one of the leaders of the terrorist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, as was reported initially on the website of Yediot Aharonot. The PFLP is responsible for the murder of cabinet minister Rehavam Ze’evi last month. The PFLP is recognized as a terrorist organization by the US and Britain and it has had its accounts blocked by those two states. Arafat also took part in the post-fast meeting.

According to Ahmed Tibi, who spoke on Israel Radio, at the meeting, which was held in Ramallah yesterday, the Arab MKs discussed the recent political developments regarding the US State Department’s coming delegation and US Secretary of State Powell’s speech. Tibi characterized the PFLP as “an important component of the PLO… but we do not always agree…” MK Barakeh and Tibi both called Maluh a “political leader” and “an old friend.” Barakeh stated that he also used to meet with the PFLP terrorist leader Abu Ali Mustafa, eliminated by Israel over a month ago.

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