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Terror Victims Association Press Release

Terror Victims Association November 26, 2001

Jerusalem – Israeli Lawyer Yaacov Rubin, representing 30 Israeli terror victims in their suit against Yasser Arafat in Brussels, reports that 3 Belgium victims of the PLO terror have come forward to join in the suit, which is being filed this week at the Palais de Justice. Oscar Gudlovitch, who was badly wounded when the PLO attakced a Brussels synagogue in 1982, stated that until now he had been frightened to take legal action against Arafat. At a press conference held Monday morning at the Ben Gurion Center in Brussels, Rubin asserted, “Now that Belgium citizens have signed the suit against Arafat for crimes against the Jewish people, the court cannot claim that the petition has no connection to Belgium, using this as a pretext to reject the suit.”

Rubin stated that the international media, generally anti-Israel in its news coverage, has been taken aback by the sudden appearance of the Israeli terror victims in Brussels. “The world press has been waiting to lambast Ariel Sharon over Sabra and Shitila, and now they have to face the terrible genocide that Arafat has waged for thirty years against the Jewish people.”

In Brussels, representing the 30 Israelis of the Terror Victims Association who have signed on the suit are Hanna Maoz, whose daughter was killed in the Sbarro Pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem, Yisrael Liebman, whose brother was murdered in the settlement of Yitzhar, Frida Sweri, whose daughter, son and son-in-law were killed in a drive-by shooting near Beit Horon, Irena Rudin, whose daughter was killed in the Dolphinarium suicide-bombing in Tel Aviv, and Aryeh Bosnah, who was wounded in the 1974 PLO attack on the school in Maalot. The Terror Victims Association of Israel is also filing a class-action suit in the name of all Israeli victims of Palestinian terror.

Attorney Yaacov Rubin can be reached in Brussels at telephone 056834153. For more information, please call Tzvi Fishman in Jerusalem, 051-810595.

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