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4 Dead & at Least 10 Wounded in Two Terror Attacks

Arutz Sheva November 29, 2001

(29 November 2001 – 23:28) A suicide terrorist detonated a very powerful bomb on board an Egged No. 823 bus that left Nazareth at 7:40pm, heading southbound for Tel Aviv. The blast took place at about 8:30pm near the army’s ‘Machane 80’ base, after a well-dressed Arab male boarded at Wadi Ara Junction.

According to bus driver 23-year-old Tal Goldberg, who survived the blast, the man boarded the bus but two persons that accompanied him remained at the bus stop. Another survivor explained seeing the man getting on, then feeling head pain and hearing a large explosion. Goldberg added that fortunately, there were few passengers on the bus at the time of the attack.

The powerful blast tore off a large section of the bus, killing three innocent persons and injuring six. The injured were transported to Hillel Yafeh Hospital in Hadera. Others complaining of anxiety and related symptoms began making their way to the hospital later in the night.

Following the blast that occurred not far from Pardes Chana, Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer summoned senior defense and security establishment officials to confer with them as to what action if any would be taken.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was informed of the latest fatal attack as he prepared to depart for the US for meetings with the US president and other senior State Department officials. At the time of this report, Mr. Sharon is still conferring with senior officials and a decision is expected soon as to the trip moving ahead as planned or being postponed. Senior aides to the prime minister believe Mr. Sharon will not cancel the trip at this time.

While rescue personnel were still operating at the scene of the Wadi Ara blast, one Israeli sustained light injuries from shrapnel in a shooting attack in the Jordan Valley near Chamra.

Elsewhere, attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers continue. One soldier was killed and a second wounded by terrorist gunfire before 5:00pm in Baka el-Sharkiya. The terrorists fled to PA-controlled Tul Karem.

Heavy fighting was reported earlier in southern Gaza with soldiers being attacked with anti-tank grenades and automatic weapons fire. There were also shooting attacks without injuries reported in the Shomron and in other areas.

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