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Jerusalem Three-way Terror Attack: 10 Dead & 180 Wounded

Arutz Sheva December 2, 2001

At 11:30 PM last night., two Arab suicide bombers detonated powerful explosives seconds apart on Luntz Street in downtown Jerusalem, killing 11 and injuring over 180. The suicide bombers had laced their bodies with nails and screws in order to inflict as much harm as possible to the many civilians who were dining in the nearby restaurants and coffee shops in Jerusalem’s outdoor pedestrian mall. The downtown Jerusalem area is normally packed with young people at that hour on Saturday nights, and last night was no exception. At least one US citizen, a student from the New York area, underwent surgery last night, after sustaining a shrapnel injury. One eye witness said: “I saw some 40 people on the ground, a lot of blood, all the windows blown out, and everything gone.”

Shortly after the blast, as persons fled from the scene and rescue workers treated the victims, a car bomb exploded on nearby Rabbi Kook Street. This third blast wounded only a few, but blocked the approach of rescue vehicles making it difficult to evacuate the many wounded. After the attacks all of the eateries closed down and police began evacuating the crowds from the downtown area.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who is New York in ahead of a planned White House meeting, was informed of the situation shortly after the attack. He spoke with Defense Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. His Tuesday meeting with US President George Bush has been pushed up to Sunday at noon (Washington time) in order to enable Sharon’s early return to Israel.

Thirty minutes before the attack, an anonymous telephone call was received by the Beit Shemesh police, with the caller telling the dispatcher that a car bomb attack would be taking place in downtown Jerusalem. Units were dispatched and a search conducted but nothing was found.

Israeli police remain on heightened alert as the intelligence community continues to issue warnings of impending terrorist attacks. Responding to the serious warnings of the intelligence community, IDF troops were ordered into PA-controlled Jenin on Friday night, working to tighten the closure in the hope of averting planned attacks.

Arabs Massacre Jews In Israel: Haifa Bus Bombing; 15 Dead, 46 wounded in 3rd Terror Attack Since Last Night

Arutz Sheva
December 2, 2001
Fifteen persons are confirmed dead according to police reports and 46 are wounded in a bus bombing in Israel’s third largest city Haifa. Previous counts of fatalities included the suicide terrorist. Of the 46, 2 are in critical condition and 6 are seriously wounded.

A bomb exploded on a No. 16 bus according to Egged Bus Company spokesman Ron Ratner. Ratner says that the bus left Haifa’s N’vei Sha’anan neighborhood at about 12:00 PM, traveling via Halissa towards the Hadar neighborhood. A bomb blew up in the Halissa neighborhood at the intersection of Yad L’Banim and HaGiborim Streets and appears to have involved a second bus.

Police are reporting one of the buses plummeted about 100 meters (yards) following the blast. It is unknown if the explosion was from a suicide bomber or a bomb was placed on the bus. Police are confirming the damage is devastating, attesting to the size of the explosive device.

EMS officials report at this time all the wounded have been transported from the scene. Most of the wounded were transported to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, but some were taken to the Carmel and Bnei Tzion Hospitals.

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