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Arutz-7 Announcement Following the Police Raid

Arutz Sheva December 25, 2002

“For 15 years, the State Prosecution and the police have waged a
campaign to harm Arutz-7 by “hitting us in our pockets.” On two
previous occasions, police have smashed and confiscated our
state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment, under the pretext that the
station’s broadcasts are against Israeli law. No court has ever ruled
that this is the case, but Arutz-7 has had to pay top lawyers’ fees in
order to defend itself against these allegations. Police raids like
the one today on our broadcasting ship are aimed solely at portraying
the station as illegal, thus bringing about an immediate decrease in
advertising income.

“The Prime Minister, Communications Minister, and Public Security
(Police) Minister all denied prior knowledge of and involvement in
today’s attempt to silence Israel’s only radio voice opposing the
establishment of Palestinian state. How, then, did it happen? Raids
of this sort happen under right-wing governments because extremist left
elements control key government institutions, including the police, the
State Prosecution, the courts, and the Israel Broadcasting Authority.
They are largely behind the systematic attempts to financially cripple
and harm the lone nationalist voice on Israel’s airwaves. We turn to
our listeners and internet readers to fight this trend in whatever
legitimate manner is available. Please speak out, write letters and
faxes, and support the station in its continual struggle to survive
these blows against our right to champion the Jewish Nation’s right to
the Land of Israel.”

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