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Three More Medals in World Championship

GAMLA December 22, 2002

The current medal tally is: 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze.

Adding to the three gold medals won last week, Israeli athletes have won another three medals in the World Championship Swimming Competition for the Handicapped, held in Argentina, Superstar swimmer Keren Leibovitch won the gold medal last night for her time in the 50 meter women’s freestyle swim. Placing second, for a silver medal, in the men’s 100 meter freestyle competition, was Yitzchak Mamistalov. And in the 50 meter freestyle for men, Yizhar Cohen took the bronze.

Last week, the Israeli athletes broke two world records and earned three gold medals. Marnistalov broke the world record for 50-meter freestyle, while Leibovitch broke the world record for 100-meter women’s freestyle and also took the gold medal for her performance in the 100-meter backstroke swim.

As reported last week, a total of seven Israelis made it into the finals in the competition, which is taking place in Argentina. The results in the competition will determine the number of competitors from Israel that will be allowed to participate in the Paralympics in 2004 in Athens.

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