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Two Foreign Workers Killed by Arab Bomb

Arutz Sheva June 7, 2005

Shortly after 2:30 PM, a large explosion was heard in the hothouse area of Ganei Tal, in northern Gush Katif. In addition to the two dead, six other workers were wounded – including three in serious condition. One was flown by helicopter, and the others were transported by ambulance, to Soroka Medical Center in Be\u2019er Sheva.

Officials are investigating the possibility that the lethal weapon was not a rocket, but rather a terrorist bomb, carried by one of the workers, which detonated prematurely.

At least ten mortar shells and rockets were fired at Gush Katif today, including the following:
* A mortar shell was fired into the same community of Ganei Tal.

* An anti-tank rocket was fired at an IDF position near the Kissufim Crossing, causing the closing of the corssing for a while.

* A mortar shell exploded near Gadid, outside N’vei Dekalim.

* Two explosions were heard near Kfar Darom.

No one was hurt in these attacks.

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