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MK Elon Waiting For Gov’t To Give Order

Arutz Sheva

Beit El resident MK Rabbi Benny Elon (National Union) was asked by Arutz-7’s Haggai Segal how he feels traveling almost every day along the route on which Assaf Hershkovitz was murdered today. Elon’s response:

“For myself it’s one thing, but what’s harder is to send my 12-year-old daughter every day to school in Ofrah. But it’s no longer a personal matter; as the verse in Isaiah (25, 8) says, ‘He will destroy death forever… and remove the disgrace to His nation from the earth.’ The fact that death is plaguing us is not a personal matter, but rather a national humiliation – there are no words to describe this national disgrace. We are a sovereign nation, yet on our Independence Day, the Gilo neighborhood in our national capital is attacked, and they yet announce that there were no casualties – as if our State was not harmed, as if our sovereignty and independence were not damaged. The pain of the Hershkovitz family is so hard to talk about, and the national pain is even worse…

MK Elon (brother of the aforementioned Rabbi Moti Elon) decried the fact that the government had not yet given the order to destroy the PLO and win the war. Segal asked, “But it’s in your power to influence Ariel Sharon, by threatening to leave the government.” Elon: “We are doing what we can, politically. I believe that our protest from within is having results. For instance, on Sunday we did not allow the Cabinet to discuss the reserve soldiers issue until it talked about the current violence. If I thought that something would change if we would leave, I would support doing so… I asked Sharon if he’s simply ignoring us, and he said, ‘Please believe me, I have a plan, and I am acting according to it.'” Segal asked: “Well, do you believe him? Elon: “I’ll tell you, I believe only in G-d… All I see and feel is national humiliation – the enemy is fighting, and we have not yet given the order to go out and win…”

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