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Pollard’s wife sees golden opportunity to secure his release

Esther Pollard sends emotional letter to PM Olmert, urges him to bring up
her husband’s release in upcoming meeting with President Bush; after more
than 20 years in prison, time is right to free Jonathan, she says

By Sharon Roffe-Ofir – YNET – Nov 22, 2008,7340,L-3626923,00.html

The end of George W. Bush’s term in office marks a golden opportunity for
the release of Jonathan Pollard, imprisoned in the US for more than 20 years
now, his wife Esther wrote in an emotional plea to Prime Minister Ehud
Olmert Saturday evening.

“You have a golden opportunity to act resolutely in order to return my
husband home – alive!” wrote Pollard’s wife in her letter to Olmert, just
before the PM heads to Washington.

Today, more than ever, the release of her husband could mark the “crowning
glory” of both Olmert’s and Bush’s term in office, she wrote.

Pollard is serving his 24th year in an American prison but his wife, who has
been tirelessly fighting to secure his release, believes that Olmert’s
upcoming farewell visit to the US is a unique opportunity that could see her
husband freed from his long incarceration.

“Senior American officials who in the past objected to his release now say
that the more than 20 years he spent in prison are more than enough, while
others believe Jonathan is a victim of injustice,” Esther Pollard wrote. “I
know that Mr. Bush is willing to release Jonathan, but no official request
to that effect has been made by the State of Israel.”

“Washington is waiting to hear that the State of Israel is finally willing
to take responsibility for her agent,” Esther Pollard said.

“Jonathan has been languishing in an American prison for 24 years now for
his service on behalf of the State of Israel. I’m certain that if you ask
Mr. Bush to release him now, he will respond positively to the request.”

This week, Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving, which is
traditionally the time for granting pardons. Esther Pollard is hoping that
this year her husband’s name will be on the list of those who are released.

“I would like to express my support to Mr. Olmert,” she said. “This is a
golden opportunity, and the timing is just right – I wish him success in
taking advantage of it.”

Pollard’s wife added that the entire Israeli public supports the struggle
for the release of her husband.

“Jonathan is suffering terribly, both physically and emotionally, after so
many years of incarceration under very difficult conditions,” she wrote.
“You have no idea, Mr. Prime Minister, of the kind of appreciation and
admiration you will receive from all sectors of the Israeli public when you
return from your meeting with President Bush and step off the plane with
Jonathan. “

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