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Second, a quick Yashar Lachayal update.

Second, a quick Yashar Lachayal update.

All the bases down South and the area around them are
considered a closed military zone. We meet the soldiers in
Sderot and elsewhere to deliver such items as
underwear, “gatkes” (long thermal underwear), gloves, baby
wipes and whatever they ask for. Tomorrow morning we
are going down south with three loads of supplies for the
soldiers, driven by members of our synagogue who have all
called and asked to help.

This morning we received a call that one soldier has been
killed. The fleece jacket we gave him did not protect him…
The bullet proof one would have, but the army simply can’t
afford the $1,200 per vest for every soldier…

Since the Second Lebanon War, we have gotten to know a lot
more soldiers. They have names now. Many of our friends and
neighbors have been called up and are in Gaza: One soldier
was at our dinner table this Shabbat. He is an American boy,
a lone soldier, here on his own. He told us he had to have
his beeper on all of Shabbat, in case he was called up. He
left this morning for Gaza at 5:30 A.M. Another friend of
ours was called up at midnight, leaving his wife with 3
children under the age of 5 and one on the way. Another
friend, a Rabbi we work with was called up, leaving his wife
and their 6 children. We pray for their safety, but we are
not naive – there will be injuries and worse…

This is a different army. The preparation was better. There
is a plan. We are there with overwhelming force. Also,
unlike the last time, there are lots of volunteers down
there helping. As is our niche, we try to fill in the
cracks. As you know, we only help the combat soldiers, so
many of those in Gaza are our friends, whom we have helped
in the past. The dangerous part of their mission has begun…

Because of our experience in the last war, many of the
officers we helped in the past are calling us up and asking
again for supplies they need for their troops.

If you want to be a part of the help effort, the easiest way
is to go to our web site and go to
the “Donations” page. If you want to help other
organizations, please do that too. We can all use your help.

All we can say is Rav Todot in advance.


Alida and Miles
Stand up for what you believe even if you stand alone!

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