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Terror Statistics Deny IDF Claim of Less Terrorism

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu Arutz Sheva January 1, 2006

IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said Thursday terrorism has gone down since the expulsion and withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria, but statistics on suicide bombings show the opposite.

In an interview, Halutz said, “the level of terror has gone down significantly.” He also advised to take recent terrorist attacks in proportion and not to interpret every “sound” as “noise.” Halutz stated, “Pay attention to how many attacks there were [before the expulsion and withdrawal] and how many there are now.”

Statistics show that terrorism actually has increased and has not decreased. Suicide bombers struck six times in 2005, twice before the expulsion of Jewish residents from the Gaza and northern Samarian regions and four times afterwards.

In February, a suicide bomber killed five Israelis in an attack on the The Stage nightclub in Tel Aviv, shortly after the “calm” was announced at the Sharm el-Sheikh summit. In July, a suicide bomber killed five Israelis and injured 30 others at a Netanya mall, the first of two attacks there.

On August 28, shortly after the expulsion, a terrorist blew himself up and wounded 20 people in an attack at the Be’er Sheva bus station. In December, suicide bombers struck twice, once at the Netanya mall where five were killed, and again on Thursday when an IDF officer and two Arab bystanders were murdered.

The number of rockets and mortar shells on Israeli targets has sharply increased since the expulsion, with 130 attacks from January through July, the eve of the expulsion, and 179 since then.

A decline in the shelling and rocket attacks can be claimed only if taking into consideration the hundreds of strikes by Arab terrorists against the Jewish communities in Gush Katif and northern Gaza before the expulsion. However, there have been numerous misfirings which have resulted in countless rocket explosions in the areas of the destroyed Jewish communities.

The IDF Chief of Staff also said in the interview that he does not expect the IDF to stop the Kassam rocket attacks entirely, but only to reduce them to a low level.

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