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Petition for Israel’s Kidnapped and Missing Soldiers Eight Israeli Families Need your Help

On October 7th, 2000, Hisbullah terrorists, in a clear cut violation of
International law, crossed the Lebanese border into Israel and
kiddnapped three Israeli soldiers. The soldiers – Adi Avitan, Binyamin
Avraham and Omer Souad – are being held in Lebanon. On October 15, 2000,
Hisbullah announced that another Israeli citizen, 54 year old Elehanan
Tannenbaum, had also been taken captive.

In addition, there are four other Israeli soldiers who were also captured
in Lebanon. In 1982 Zachary Baumel (an American citizen), Yehuda Katz and
Tzvi Feldman were taken captive in a battle with Palestinian and Syrian
forces near the Lebanese village of Sultan Yaqub. In 1986, Israeli Air-force
navigator, Captain Ron Arad was also captured.

The intervention of the international community is desperately needed.
ICMIS is launching an international campaign to gather at least 1,000,000
signatures on an Internet petition in support of Israel’s kidnapped and
missing soldiers and their families.

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