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State Department Thwarts pursuit of Arab Terrorists


(NEW YORK) Over the past few
years, the State Department has offered a
wide variety of unusual excuses for
refusing to offer rewards to help capture
Palestinian Arab killers of Americans-but
now it has come up with the most incredible
excuse yet: that offering rewards “would be
detrimental” to efforts to capture the

The State Department makes this claim,
on page’ 13 of its just-released second
biannualreponin CongressonU.S. efforts
to capture Palestinian Arab terrorists who
have murdered or injured American
citizeirs, The report-which was delivered
to Congress more than four inotalts late- is
required by the terms of the AshcroftSalmon bill, passed by Congress in
November 1999, It was strongly supported
by the, Zionist Organization of America
(ZOA), which has led the nationwide
crunpaigntoptessuretheU.S, government
to take inearmigful action on behalf of
American victims of Palestinian Arab

It has neverbehare claimed thatrewards
in these cases would somehow hatin the
poss&lity of capturing the terrorists. For
example, at a meeting with Jewish leaders
on Sept. 29~ 1999, Secretary Albright said
that die rewards issue “is nol a simple
inatler and is too complicated to discuss at
flus meetinig,” At a meeting with Jewish
leaders on Feb,15, 2000, U.S. envoy
Dennis Ross said that “for masons of
national Security” rewards cannot be
offered in these cases. He did not explain
flow it is that national security would be
harmed by rewards in these cases, but in the
inany other cases in winch mwariK me
altemlyoffeued. MichaclDarruirantoofthe
State Dclaniment claimed (L.A. Jewish
Journal, July 28, 2000) that rewards are
offered only in cases where the victints
were targeted specifically because they
were Americans (wlucliw~uld act apply to
those killed by Palestinian Arab terrorists),
but that claim was false-in fact. newards am
offered in cases in other countries where
the victims were not even Americans or
where the victims were killed at random.
not bccluse they were American.

Motion A, Klein, National President of
the Zionist Organization of America
(ZOA), said: “‘file State Department’s

ludicrous ‘explanation! for refirsing to
offer rewards would be laughable were
itnotsotragic. Itis now painfully clear
that the real mason is that the State
Department wants to protect Yasser
Arafat’s image so that them will be
future negotiations with him-and if the
American public was to realize that
Arafat is sheltering killers of Auacricaras~
it would be impossible for the U. S. to push
for nagotiation§ with him.”

Additional serious flaws in the State

Both the Palestinian Authority mid
Israel say that the killers are fire-yet the
State Department claims that the PA is still

Speaking onthe PA’s official Palestine
Television on Nov. 6,2000, PA police chief
Ghazi Jabafi “confirmed that most wanted
terrorist Molianamed Dicf is frac.” Jabab
said that “not even one” of the terrorists
who have killed Israelis orAmericas is still

in a PA prison, He specifically denied
urnors that some racently-relmed Hamas
terrorists had been re-arrested. (Jerusalem
Post, Nov.7, 2000) The Israeli government
has, identified, by narne, 21 Palestinian
Arab terrorists involved in harming
Americans who are living frociv in Yasser
Arafat’s PA territory. Yet the State
Department ignores the PA’s own
statements. and claims that 19 of the 23
killers are ‘mPA custody,”

In one case in which the State
Department admits~ that the PA released a
terrorist, Hisharn al-Dib (involved in a
Marcli 1996 bombing that wounded an
Arn6rican), the report excuses the release
on tile gromals that lie was ‘reportedly
released to his home for medical masons.”

The ~tme Deparlincia repon ignores
Israeli governinient statements that killers
of Americans are in the PA police,

The State Department is required to
report on whether any of the suspects are
serving in the PA Security Forces or ‘any
Palestinian goverrung body,” The report
claims ill-it tile U,S. has “no confirmed
infonountion” that any of the suspects field
such positions. (p. 15)

yet the , Israeli government has
repeatedly immedsusitcetswite, are wrving
in the PA security forces- including Nafez
Sabih, Kamal Khafifa. Yasser Yusef
Mustafa Khasin. and Malmoid Sanwax,
who were involved in a February 25, 1996
Jerasalcin bus bombing, in which duce
U.S. ciuz;cns were nandcred-Mattliew
Fiserifeldof Connecticutand Sara Dakerof
New Jersey, who were planning to be

married, and In Weinstein of Neyv Yo&
Bassam Issa, who was involved in an
October 9, 1994 bombing in Jerusalem in
n Inch Uvo U.S. citizens. Scott DubQrstcrn
and Eric Goldberg, were injured: and a
December 25, 1994 bombing in Jerusalem
which one U.S. citizen, Sarah Greenberg,
wasinjured. Issa has also been mined in an
Israeli government report as a suspect in
the abovc~nrenticyred Febmarv 1996

In addition, numerous Palestinian Arab
mirmists involved in pm-1993 attacks on
Americans are serving in PA agencies,
including: Ziad Abu Eam, the PA’s
Comptroller, who was convicted of
carrying out a 1979 bombing winch
seriously harmed two American citizens,
Charon and Hava Mark, Mrs. Mark was
pcinimmently crippledintlactaoinbing.

Also- Aman el-Hindi chief of the PA’s
General Intelligence Service. helped plan

the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre in
which David Berger, a member of the
Israeli athletic team who was also an
American citizen. was murdered. along
with eleven other innocent people. The
Israeli government refused to meet with a
PA delegation because Hindi was part of
tile group, (New York Tunes, Oct 14,1993)
The State Department report evades the
issue of the administration’s failure to
indict tiny Palestinian Arab killers of

The State Department report chains:
“the U.S. government attaches a high
priority to ensuring that the perpetrators of
these terratistacts am brought tojustice.”
(p.1) YcL~ the report does not explain oliv
the U’S, has ncler indicted qnV of file
Palestinian Arab killeas of Americans, nrul
has never asked Arafat to transfer the
kiflerstit I J.S.prosecution.

Some adinniustration officials have
previously claimed thal them was not
sufficient evidence to indict these suspects.
Yet, finjul Hinani, who murdemd U q
cummi David Brain in May 1996. fmcIV
confessed to his crime before a Palestinian
Authority court, in the presence of an
American Consulate official, The
confession could be the basis for a U.S~

In violation of U.S. law, the new State
Department report fails to provide the
required list of Americans injured or killed
by Palestinian Arab terrorists prior to 1993.

The State Department is required b~
law to provide Congress with a list of all
Amen . Can citizens injured or killed by
Palestinian Arab terrorists between 1950

and 1993, In its previous report (JW3
2000), the Slate Department said it was still
working on the list and will “provide it to
the Congress as soonas it canicasombly be
inadc available” The ZOA then provided
the State Deparmwirt with a detailed list of
64 Americans murdered by Palestinian
Arab terrorists prior to 1993.
Nevertheless- in violation of the law, the
new report does not include any list ofthe
pm-1993 victims.

The new State Department report
contains serious emers. Incredibly, the
April 2001 repair repeats all of the enrim;
made in the July 2000 report-even though
both the ZOA and families of the N ictims
wrote to the State Department with the

Day Dribben, a U.S. citizen who was
murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists in
April 1998, was not mentioned in the hil~
2000 report. Dribben is the great-grandson
of a legendary and inuch-docormcd U.S
Amy hem from Texas. Members of the
Dribbez family wrote to the State
Department in July 2000 to express their
1~ shock and outrag~’ thmDovAvas excluded
from the report. Nevertheless, he has been
excluded from the April 2001 report.

The April 2001 report states that it
“does not add~s the recent incidents in
which two dual U.S.-Israch 067~ns. Esh
Chadosh fsicj Gilmore and flillel
Licbernam were killed, We stilt do not
know the exact circumstances of these
incidents” In fact, these nandersmere not

were killed in October 2000i
the State Departroem has had inore than
five months to look into the kilfings~
Furtheirinarc, nothing in the law exempts
tile State Department from reporting on a
victunbecausc itilocsimtknow the `e~.ct
cimunistances” of the murder-all the State
Department needs to know is thm the
victims were Anicircirris and the killers
were evident1v Palestinian Ambq; offliese

The April 2001 report fails to mention
that two additional U.S. citizens, Bunamin
mid Talia Kahane. were murdered (and five
of their children, also U,S, citizens, were
wounded) bv Palestinian Arab lemarists on
December 31, 2ooo. Mcrubcrs of Yasser
Arafat’s Force 17 ‘presidential ~Luirdl
subsequently confessed to the murders.

Rachel Munk, air Israeli of Argentinean
Origin’WhO WaS Tourchaed by Palestima,
Arab terrorists in 1996. was wrongbr listed
,to tile July 2000 report as a U.S. citizen
The ZOA infornualthe State Department
tint Mark’s parents have stated their
daughter was not a U.S, citizen yet the
Aprd’2001 fePor(ugainst lists Munkasm

Names ofsolue ofthe N ictinis are once
again badl ‘ N misspelled, indicating that the
State Department did Dot take basic steps
such Is calling the families of the victims.
The ZOA maintains close relationships
w ith the lainfies, of die victims, aid not one
of them has reported receiving am,
inquiries from the State Departumm.

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