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An Appeal for Your Participation…

ZOA December 30, 2002

The New York Area Action Coordinating Committee of the Zionist Organization of America Invites you to attend our meeting, January 22, 2003, 7:00 P.M. at the ZOA Headquarters, 4 East 34th Street.

“Ha’Matzav” (“The Situation”)

We educate members of the House and Senate in Washington, we e-mail the media, we buy blue-and-white, we go on Solidarity Missions, but we must be intimately and intensely involved each day right here, where we live. A terror state is about to be created on the corpses of Israeli Jews, even as Palestinian Arabs fail to comply with Bush’s criteria for reforming the P.A. into a peaceful, democratic entity.

The Bush Administration and the State Department continue to demand maximum Israeli restraint in the face of horrific attacks on Jewish civilians. State Department attorneys go to court against American terror victims’ kin in order to sabotage lawsuits against terror states and the PLO. When families of terror victims win anyway, the State Department attorneys try to get the award reduced.

The U.S. gives $2 billion to Egypt, even as state-controlled media there disseminate anti-Semitic programming, inciting the population to breach the peace treaty with Israel, and the Bush Administration turns a blind eye.

Although Congress mandates that the American Embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the President ignores the law. Israel is the only state in the world for which the U.S. President, and not the state’s citizens, determines its capital.

What can we do locally?

On area campuses, anti-Semitism and Israel-bashing proliferate. Divestment campaigns against the Middle East’s only state with free elections, a free press, an independent judiciary, and non-coercive church-state relations, are funded by the most barbaric regimes on earth. Left-liberal students have become their unwitting foot-soldiers because too few of them have the facts. Many of us are alumnae of New York area schools, and can call for meetings with high-placed university officials. We can also lend logistical support to Jewish students and pro-Israel campus clubs as they advocate for Israel in a hostile atmosphere.

We live in the media capital of the world. We can attempt to access the decision-makers behind print and broadcast journalism in order to defeat the anti-Israel ignorance. In Philadelphia, the local ZOA organized and runs the city-wide boycott of Philadelphia’s largest newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, for its antagonistic coverage of Israel. The New York Times, which has far more clout than the Philadelphia paper, deserves the same treatment. And we should be outraged that our tax money and tax-exempt contributions fund NPR and PBS outlets like WNYC and Channel 13 that have consistently shown bias in their reporting and special programming on the Middle East. E-mails, phone calls and faxes are important, but there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting by activists with an editor, network executive, or advertiser

Politically, the situation is better, but there are still Congresspersons from the metropolitan area who are not as familiar with the Arab War against Israel as they could be. Many have not signed on as co-sponsors to the most important pro-Israel bills pending before Congress. And Mayor Bloomberg’s recent appointment to the New York Human Rights Commission of attorney Omar Mohammedi, who works for the Hamas-linked Committee on American-Islamic Relations, is a huge mistake of that must be opposed with all our vigor. We must make appointments with our political leaders and educate them with all the moral, legal, and historical arguments at our disposal.

An Imperative

We have a sacred responsibility, as lovers of the American ideal, to lend the Mid-East’s only democracy-a tiny bastion of liberty in a sea of rabid autocratic and militant Islamic regimes–support in its fight for survival. We also have a responsibility as Jews and Christians to preserve access for all faiths to the holy places which, as we know from the experience of 1949-1967, will be closed to us second-class “dhimmis” under Islamic rule.

We must not be passive while Israel struggles for survival when there is so much help we can offer. We are forbidden from relying on others to do the right thing. By joining us in the New York Area Action Coordinating Committee of the ZOA, we can mobilize other ZOA members in our region for the activities mentioned above. Help us send speakers to area churches, synagogues and community groups

The Coordinating Committee will next meet January 22, 2002, at the ZOA offices at 4 East 34th St. at 7:00 PM. If you wish to come, please call 212-481-1500, ext. 230, and speak to Ariella Iversen. At the meeting, reports will be given by the units that have already taken action, but we urgently need more participants to join these units.

Please join us. This is an historic moment in the history of the Jewish people. Israel’s future, and America’s commitment to democracy, are at stake.

If you wish to be involved please convey us your
contact information by phone (212-481-1500 ext. 223),
by fax (212-481-1515), or by e-mail ( )

We hope to see you on January 22nd!!!

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