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Over 300-Kilogram Bomb Safely Detonated

Arutz Sheva January 22, 2003

In what may have been the largest attempted bombing in the history of anti-Israel terrorism, four Palestinian terrorists tried early yesterday evening to drive a car-bomb into Israel containing between 300 and 400 kilograms of explosives – but were thwarted in time. Border Guard policemen in the Israeli-Arab city of Um el-Fahm, between Afula and Hadera and near the northern Shomron, noticed a suspicious Mitsubishi van and signaled it to stop. It did not, however, and the forces took off in pursuit. Finally, the terrorists inside the van got out and ran off; the Israelis did not shoot at them, as many civilians were in the area.

A quick check of the car revealed that it was loaded with hundreds of kilos of explosives and four gas canisters. Sappers were called in, nearby civilians were evacuated, and the car was detonated in a controlled explosion. Some damage was caused to nearby homes. Officials at the scene said that a “mega-attack” was averted, and that the terrorists were apparently planning to detonate the explosion from afar, and to open fire with their weapons in the midst of the carnage.

This past summer, Gaza arch-terrorist Salah Shehada planned to send a truck loaded with 600 kilograms of explosives to a Jewish celebration in Gush Katif; Israeli forces killed him before he could carry out his murderous designs.

Army forces during the night destroyed the home of yet another terrorist, Mahmud Muhmad Najar, in Yata near Hevron. IDF reports indicate that Najar is linked to at least 15 shooting attacks in the Hevron and Southern Hevron Hills areas, as well as a bombing attack against a military jeep.

One of the 24 terrorists arrested during the night by the security forces was a Tul Karem resident who was about to commit a major attack against Israelis. Following his arrest, the curfew around the city of Tul Karem was lifted… A masked Arab terrorist threw a rock at a public bus in the middle of Jaffa late this morning. The driver was lightly hurt.

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