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LA: Follow Up Demonstration Supporting Israel THIS SUNDAY June 6

Israel supporters demonstrated in large numbers on June 1st to protest Turkey’s support of the flotilla provocation against Israel.

Please tell your Los Angeles friends: A follow up demonstration will be held this coming Sunday, June 6th, at 2 PM in front of the Israeli Consulate on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Israel needs your voice and continued support now, so please make every effort to attend.

Thank you to all the supporters of Israel who came to demonstrate on June 1 in front of Los Angeles’ Turkish Consulate!

The demonstrators protested Turkey’s sinister role in abetting and endorsing the anti-Israel flotilla of six ships that embarked on May 30th to Gaza’s shores allegedly to bring aid to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

In less than 24 hours, StandWithUs, the ILC and the CIC mobilized nearly 1,000 of Israel’s Los Angeles supporters to show their commitment to Israel and to its fight against terrorists and terrorist enablers.

Israel offered to deliver the goods through official security channels in Ashdod, but the activists rejected the offer.

Five ships complied with Israel’s navy personnel and were escorted to Ashdod, but the sixth ship, the largest one, refused to cooperate. When Israeli personnel attempted to board the ship to make it change course, they met a pre-meditated resistance armed with knives, steel pipes, and bats. The activists, who call themselves peace activists, violently assaulted the Israelis. Seven Israelis were wounded, two seriously. In the melee, nine activists, all Turkish nationals according to recent reports, were killed.

Turkey was complicit in this assault and Turkey could have prevented the ship from embarking. It was filled with activists who included known members of IHH, a Turkish human rights group associated with global jihad organizations, and it sailed under the Turkish flag. But Turkey did not stop the intentional provocation. Turkey went on to lead the assault condemning Israel at the UN.

The L.A. demonstrators demanded an international investigation of Turkey’s role in this unacceptable assault on Israel’s sovereignty and on international law.

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The demonstrators held signs designed and produced by StandWithUs which read: “Shame on Turkey: You have blood on your hands,” and “Free Gaza from Hamas.” They also held Israeli and American flags, and sang “Hatikva,” the Israeli national anthem.

“Turkey is aiding anti-Israel forces, parroting anti-Israel propaganda, and contributing to the instability and violence in the Middle East. The demonstrators accuse Turkey of directly or indirectly causing this unfortunate bloodshed. It must be held accountable. Demonstrations against Turkey across the US are demanding that Turkey become a force for peaceful co-existence instead of a force for instability and extremism in the region,” said Roz Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs.

“Supporters of Israel will not stop demonstrating until Turkey is held accountable. The turnout today confirmed that across the country there is widespread support for Israel and its difficult battle, and widespread anger against the effort to twist the facts about this altercation,” added Rothstein.

More demonstrations are planned, and StandWithUs the ILC and CIC urge you to attend the demonstration planned for this coming Sunday at 2 PM in front of the Israeli Consulate on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Watch this video of a pro-Hamas rally and a lone high school student defending Israel.

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