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OUR OPINION: Israel was right to stop Gaza flotilla

The organizers of the Gaza flotilla knew full well they were sailing into troubled waters when they embarked on a mission to break Israel’s blockade of the enclave controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas. The cries of outrage following the raid on the Marmara by Israeli commandos ring hollow given that the organizers clearly intended to cause an international incident.

Once again, Israel has been placed in the preposterous position of having to defend itself for defending itself. For that it should never have to apologize.
The maritime blockade was imposed by Israel because it has repeatedly been attacked by Hamas from Gaza with rockets and other weapons smuggled in by sea. The blockade is supported by Egypt and has the de facto recognition of virtually every country in the world. It is a legitimate maneuver under international law and fully justified as an effective counter-measure to stop Hamas’ aggression.

The ships participating in the protest flotilla were warned from the outset that a blockade was in effect and that they would be denied access to Gaza. Israeli officials offered to deliver their aid — after being duly inspected for weapons — by overland routes already used to supply Gaza. In recent months, Israel has been quietly easing the blockade to allow more goods into Gaza.
The refusal of the flotilla’s organizers to comply suggests that beneath their avowed “humanitarian” purpose, the larger aim was to provoke international outrage so that Israel would be forced to drop the blockade altogether — allowing weapons to pour into Hamas’ territory.
Where was the international outrage when North Korea sank a South Korean ship, killing 46 sailors? Where was the outrage when Israel came under bombardment from Gaza? Why is it that only Israel is called to account for responding to provocations?
The White House has rightly refused to join the chorus of condemnation. It can do more by promoting an arrangement for expanded cargo shipments into Gaza. Israel would inspect deliveries to exclude the possibility of more weapons flooding into Gaza, but it would promise to eliminate needless delays.
If the people of Gaza need more food and medicine, they should have it. Hamas doesn’t need more weapons. They’ve killed enough innocent people already.

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