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The Growing Kfar Darom

After spending a week in Kfar Darom, my family and I went back to Jerusalem to spend the rest of their stay in the big city near the famous kosher Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sabarro’s and Burger King. After sadly parting from them, Chana and I made our way back home.

Since I was quite busy over the past month taking care of Chana and spending time with my family, I hardly had time to pay attention to the sudden growth of our community. First, less than a week before Chana was born, a baby boy was born to one of the families here in Kfar Darom. He, of course, was added to the list of potential suitors for her.

Despite the mortars hitting our community, the roadside bombs and the shooting by Arabs trying to drive us Jews away, two new families have moved to Kfar Darom and five more families are expected to be absorbed this summer. For the first time a kiosk and food store have been opened. The kiosk tends to the needs of the children and soldiers with varieties of ice creams, soft drinks, candies and even bagel pizzas. The food store (run by our neighbors) is the answer to the last minute “I wish I had…” that runs through every mother’s mind as she is preparing dinner. This morning while driving with my neighbors to Neve DeKalim’s medical center for both of our babies to be vaccinated, they told me excitedly that they saw fliers and advertisements posted on the door of their shop. To them that was the sign that their ‘makolet’ food store, had become a real one just like in any other community. Another neighbor of ours opened up a clothes store in her home over 2 months ago and just recently started selling custom made hats for women. Last but not least – my favorite – a pizza shop is scheduled to be opened within the next couple weeks. With all of the development and wonderful ideas, I just hope that nobody is thinking about building a shopping mall.

Well, just last night, I took Chana out for the first time to see her fater milk our goats. Content in my arms she watched and occasionally dozed off. We were joined by a Yeshiva boy who came to Kfar Darom to learn for a week. Together we all enjoyed the cool evening breeze, back home, in Kfar Darom.

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