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The US Funds the Most Corrupt/Oppressive Mideast Regime
  1. WORLD RECORD: Arafat command more “domestic security organizations” (12) and “security personnel” (60,000) per capita (2.5MN) than either Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan or N. Korea!
  2. 2.5MN Palestinians oppressed by Arafat and his 60,000 “Tunisians”, imported from terrorist bases in Tunisia, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Jordan and Lebanon. “Palestinians see a society that is more fractured than ever before, and further away from the goal of a free state than at any other time since the Oslo Process began… The refugees expected Arafat to spread the billions of dollars pumped in by international supporters. Instead, they have seen it hogged by the “Tunisians”… ‘I spit on the day they came,’ says Abu Amira [from Gaza]. ‘I’d like to see them all shot in the street… Insiders want reform, free elections and a level economic playing field, or just to be cut in on the corruption. Outsiders [“Tunisians”] want to hold onto their power, squash the press and keep their business monopolies…” (Time Magazine, June 18, 2001).
  3. Transfers to Arafat’s stash account, equal to US aid to the PLO, have been conducted ($8MN monthly) since 1984 by Jawad Al-Russyan, the British treasurer of the PLO. He was kidnapped, by Arafat, on April 20, 2001, from his Abu-Dhabi home, lest he exposes Arafat’s corruption and network of stash accounts and financial holdings. Abu-Ala’s has admitted that Jawad is held by the PLO. Arafat’s finacial holdings include duty-free shops in the airports of Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and Tanzania, Maldives and Guinea-Bissau airlines, refineries, agricultural farms, real estate in England, France, Spain, Lebanon, Greece and Cyprus, radio stations, shoe factories, stock of Mercedes, etc. The BCCI investigations exposed some of Arafat’s accounts. Classified reports by the Scotland Yard (1993), CIA (1990) and GAO (1995) report Arafat’s holdings at $5BN-$10BN, lacking transparency or accountability. Until his 1990 collaboration with Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, Arafat received 5% of Palestinian earnings in the Gulf States.
  4. Arafat directs a counterfeiting operation of $50 bills, Israeli and Jordanian currency, guided by veterans of the 1990 Syria-Iran counterfeiting of the $100 bills, which caused a multi-billion dollar damage to the US (Richard Chesnoff, NY Daily News, July 9, 2001).
  5. Leading Palestinian and Arab businessmen do not invest in the PLO-controlled area. Arriving to the area, following the 1993 signing of the Oslo Accords, they were turned off by the 20%-30% kickback demands (or else…) by Arafat, Nabil Sha’ath, Arafat’s chief negotiator, Abu-Mazen, Arafat’s Deputy, Abu-Ala’, Speaker of the Palestinian “Parliament”, Mahmoud Rashid, Arafat’s financial confidant, Jibril Rajoub and Muhammad Dahlan, chiefs of PLO “security services”, Salim Za’anoun, Speaker of the Palestine National Council, etc. Arab banks operating in the area must transfer to the PLO, and its favorite projects, an annual amount equal to unused loans to the public (as determined by the POL!). The Bank of Jordan just transfered $10MN. A $10k daily fine is levied against “delinquent” banks.
  6. Arafat has imposed upon the Palestinians PLO methods used to rape Lebanon during 1970-1982. Palestinian authority employees supplant their $200 monthly wages by extortion. Palestinian drivers were charded, arbitrarily, with violation of traffic regulations, and faced with the option of paying a steep fine on the spot or paying a visit to the dungeons of the “secret service.” Wealthy businessmen have a choice to pay excessive “income tax” and a “bonus” to PLO officials, or appeal their case at the “security services.” Palestinians are arrested, by the PLO, for no reason, and released in exchange for a kickback. PLO officials gain control over land, by falsely accusing land owners of violating the law and “collaboration with the Zionist Enemy.” Rape, prostitution, drug trafficking and burglary, engineered by the PLO in its area, have reached an all time high, as it was in Southern Lebanon during PLO reign there.
  7. PLO-directed extortion, kickbacks, money laundering, drug trafficking, fraud and illegal arm deals have climaxed since 1993 (Oslo), netting a few billion dollars to Arafat and his cronies, who have plagued Palestinians with the worst ever (50%) unemployment and economic depression. None of the money has been invested in refugee camps, much has been invested in lavish housing for Arafat and his loyalists, but very little in human services infrastructure.
  8. More than other dictators, Arafat has combined terrorism, corruption and opression to advance national and personal agenda. Should Congress appropriate foreign aid to the PLO, the most corrupt/oppressive regime in the Mideast? Shouldn’t the Office of Foreign Assets Control, at the Treasury Department, prohibit any financial transactions with the PLO? Shouldn’t the Nobel Prize Committee save face and DE-NOBELIZE Arafat?

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