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Excerpts from Aric Sharon’s proposals for negotiation:

Peres to give Egypt Israel’s ‘Input’ on peace proposal

  1. Foreign Minister Shimon Peres expected to give “Israel’s point of view”
    “He is going there only to discuss the proposal.”
    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is expected to meet with Peres before he leaves to coordinate positions.
  2. Saron said that peace talks can only take place after a complete cessation of the Palestinian terror and violence.

    Separately, the White House announced President Moshe Katsav will visit Washington on May 30 for talks with Bush.

  3. Sharon has maid it clear that his is not interested in renewing talks leading to final-status agreement, but rather wants to reach more modest long-term interim accords. Furthermore, Israel will not agree to clamp a total freeze on settlements.
  4. Sharon noted: “In the coalition agreement it was written that now

    settlements will be established. But there is no prevention to increasing the population in existing settlements. What, are we going to stop having children here?”

  5. Sharon said he sees no “problem in the issue of settlements. In Oslo it says that until there is a peace agreement, we won’t talk about settlements. If we make peace, what’s the problem with there being settlements. Who does it bother? Aren’t there Israeli-Arab-Palestinians living in Nazareth? And large numbers in Beersheba, Lod, and Ramle? What is the problem? I don’t see any problem. So long as there is no peace, there is no [settlement] issue. And in a period of peace, what is wrong [with Jews living is settlements]?”
  6. About Egyptian-Jordian proposal: “Putting an end to the violence. Nothing else.”
  7. Regarding releasing the tax money, both Sharon and Peres told visiting Belgian Foreign Minister Lonis Michel earlier this week that this will not be done while the PA directly fund various security organizations – such as Force 17 – directly involved in the violence

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