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EU Against Yesha

Arutz Sheva November 24, 2001

The European Union took a first step towards imposing tariffs on goods produced in Judea, Gush Katif, Samaria and the Golan today. The executive arm of the EU recommended that customs authorities collect a deposit from importers in order to cover tariffs that are likely to be imposed retroactively on the Yesha goods. Belgium is said to be in favor of the tariffs, while Britain and Germany are against exerting pressures on Israel in this matter at this time. Israel, too, has made the point that now, when efforts are being made to renew a diplomatic process between it and the PA, is not the time for such one-sided actions. Yesha Council head Benny Kashriel said yesterday that Belgium was likely to find itself the target of a consumer boycott by Jewish and Christian supporters of Israel all around the world, in the event that the tariffs are imposed. “We are talking about dozens of factories and thousands of workers on both sides of the Green Line [that will be affected],” he said.

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