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Left-Wing Ideology Taking Its Negative Toll in Government & the Army

Arutz Sheva January 27, 2003

( Waving the banner of ‘peace and social issues’ the ideology of the radical left-wing is beginning to negatively impact our society in more than just the political sphere. This beyond the effects of the ongoing Oslo War.

Far more serious that the heated Knesset debates and sharply divided parliament was the uncovering of the leak to the daily Ha’aretz newspaper by senior Tel Aviv District assistant district attorney Leora Glatt-Berkowitz. Glatt-Berkowitz today participated in a hearing reviewing the facts in the case and permitting her an opportunity to present her version. A decision regarding criminal charges will be announced following Election Day.

To date it is known that the senior civil servant knowingly and blatantly interfered in the general elections, with the intention of deposing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, seeking to sabotage his reelection bid, all in the name of her [left-wing] ideology. It was pointed out that her motives were not “political” but she acted out of “conscience”, an effort by the mainstream media to play down the magnitude of her efforts to turn the elections.

In the IDF, senior commanders are becoming too accustomed to dealing with officers and soldiers, reservists and compulsory personnel, refusing to serve in Yesha (Judea, Samaria, & Gaza) areas under the guise of their left-wing ideology – opposing the government’s actions against PA areas and residents. This while their fellow soldiers are compelled to fill the voids – demanding additional days of reserve duty from soldiers following orders, even if they personally do not agree with government policies.

The latest left-wing defiance was announced today, a junior officer in a senior military intelligence position who knowingly withheld intelligence reports to sabotage a planned aerial assault in retaliation to twin suicide bombing attacks in Tel Aviv. Once again, defending his actions by explaining he was protecting “innocent Palestinians” against the actions of the IDF.

While the left-wing ideologues continue to undermine the military, the silence from left-wing politicians screams out while highlighting their inability to differentiate between political idealism and undermining the IDF and our judicial system, the backbone of the nation that is in a state of war with the PA.

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