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IDF Wounds Two Terrorists; Three More Die in Bomb Accident

Arutz Sheva May 30, 2005

Two groups of terrorists had gathered near a mosque in Gaza’s Jabalya slums and were firing mortar shells from two launchers. Two of the terrorists were wounded by IAF missiles, which also destroyed both mortar launchers.

The Islamic Jihad terror group issued a statement saying that a few minutes before the Israeli air strike, its members had successfully launched three rockets from northern Gaza at an Israeli town.

More than 60 mortar shells and 10 Kassam rockets had been fired at Jewish towns in Gush Katif in the last two weeks through last night, with no response from Israel’s Air Force.

On Sunday, three Arab terrorists, also Fatah members, were killed in Gaza when a bomb they were preparing exploded prematurely. The same day, Hamas terrorist Tahsin Kelah was killed in a large explosion in Khan Yunis when a mortar shell or rocket-propelled grenade he was trying to shoot exploded prematurely.

Arabs fired at an IDF position in southern Gaza this morning; no injuries were reported.

The body of Nabi Turkman, 34, from the Palestinian Authority-administered town of Yabed in northern Samaria, was found in the woods near Jenin. Turkman was the brother of a wanted terrorist of the Al Aksa Brigades, affiliated with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party. It is unclear whether Turkman, who was shot in the head, was killed due to PA infighting or in a shootout with IDF troops.

In Hevron yesterday, IDF troops opened fire and killed an Arab man who tried to stab them with a foot-long knife in one of the city’s main squares. A note explaining his desire to be killed in the fight against Israel was found in the man’s pocket.

Just yesterday, Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Abu Mazen announced in Washington that he believes the ‘era of suicide bombing attacks has ended.’

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