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UN Supports Anti-Israel map, films

Arutz Sheva News Service

A key United Nations agentcy has lent
its support to a Palestinian Authority
tourism map that completely obliterates
Israel, reports. A new
PA Ministry of Tourism map credits the
United Nations Development Program
with helping in its publication. The map,
called “Palestine, The Holy Land,” shows
the entire expanse of present day Israel,
Including Judea, Samaria, and Gaza – and
calls the whole area “Palestine.” There is
no reference at all to Israel.

Itamar marcus, director of the
independent media monitoring group,
Palestinian Media Watch, said that there
was nothing new about the map’s
message. He said that his group was ablr to find
only one map published by the PA that mentions Israel
and even that one is not used for their own populace.
“None of the official PA maps show Israel,” he said,
including those printed in PA school textbooks. He also
mentionsed that anti-Israel film clips, partially funded by
the UN, were routinely screened on Palestinian television.

More and more Israeli political leaders have lately made
public statements blaming the PA’s educational and media
policies of venomous anti-Israel incitement for much of the
murderous violence of the past few months.

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